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Vuguru, “A new kind of studio”

The Viewing Guru – distributing and showcasing online content, as well as financing and developing Advertisements

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Perfectly Normal production

These guys make great radio productions for BBC 3 and 4 And they have a good website.

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Identify a Font

Here you can answer questions about a font to identify it, even if you only have a limited amount of letters or words to work with.

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Moonfruit Website Design

You can build and design your own website, drag and drop features you’d like and buy a separate domain name.

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HMRC – registering self-employed within a new partnership

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I’m confused about taxes.  These pages have some information on who needs to fill in a tax return, how to register, what different company set-ups mean.  Etc.

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Vistaprint Business Cards

Cheaper, but a lots of options. Business cards

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