The future of radio

Ross Dawson on the future of radio.

Top 3 places for listening to radio: they’ll hopefully never die.  In the car, whilst doing pottering about at home, at work.

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DSLR editing advice

Advice from Neil Hartop

(posted on facebook 26.01.12)

As my film freinds in Scotland will know I’ve been a DCP for my film and would like to share a few things that might help other people!

1. If your film was shot on dslr, scale up your footage BEFORE grading as exporting your image sequence (in my case DPX) as 2k after grading can result in some horrible artifacts, especially in high key lighting.

2. Once you have exported from you online check your Tiff/DPX files for problems and not your jpeg2000 files at the other end of the DCP process.

3. Crushing blacks can resolve artifacts introduced by up scaled dslr, but only do it after your online as you only want to do it if necessary.

4. Don’t go by the image of the Jpeg2000 as its not a fair representation of your final product.

5. Make sure your image sequence is numbered correctly to avoid the encoding process getting confused and re-arranging your shots.

6. If you take out your sync mark for your sound make sure the sound is matched up to a different point or the whole thing will be out of sync. In my case exactly (to exact frame) 3 seconds of black at the start.

7. Never mix RED and dslr unless you a sadist like me! I still have cold sweats!

8. Make sure you test it! As you can notice things on a big screen both visual and audible you might not of noticed on a computer screen.

9. Split the audio into three channels if you can for a nicer sound mix for a theatre screening.

10. Give me a shout if you have any questions 😉


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Wikipedia is great. New-Hollywood is great
Read all about it.

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BBC approved cameras

This is a list of BBC approved HD cameras, April 2011.

Now to find the STV equivalent…

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UK music labels

‘Careers in music’ published a list of the big and small record companies.  Useful info for finding song clearances, although not very up-to-date.;wap2

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Money for creative work in Scotland & Europe

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Silent films again

Marc David Jacobs says he’d like to see silent films that aren’t just pastiche or panto.




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